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AFSLAB Mission

AFSLAB is an international, non-profit, non-government, professional organization open to all societies and study groups interested in LAB  and related sciences.

The overall aim of AFSLAB is to encourage research, communication, and education in lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and related sciences.


The federation shall have the following objectives:

Enhancement of the communication and interaction between Asian scientists (academia, institution, and industry) who are interested in LAB and related subjects.
Facilitating the discussion and dissemination of the science of LAB through conferences, symposia and meetings, and publication of reports.
Promotion of the advancement of science and technology applied to LAB and related sciences.
Promotion of public awareness in the knowledge of LAB in food, health and diseases, leading to the improvement of the quality of life.
Assisting the LAB related industry to substantiate its development and growth.